R-kull 3 tikar 1 hanar


Mother's Finest Beyond The Best..link

Ch Mother's Finest -Yeah! A Summer Jam..link

Top-winning show wheaten 2012 in Denmark



Inavelsgrad/Inbreeding 3,1%(4 generations)

Mother's Finest Beyond The Best

  Extra's Valentino

Dogside´s Key To Kilmore

Extra's Roxanne

Mother's Finest Little Witch

Wheaten Rebel's Carlos Santana

Mother's Finest Alldays Darling

Mother's Finest Yeah!- A Summer Jam 

Never Lasting's Phenomenal Hodge

Geragold Playboy

Never Lasting's Funny Hill

Mother's Finest Heaven Sent Holly

Wheaten Rebel's Keep Cool

Mother's Finest Alldays Darling


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