Breeder medal 2017 - Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier Club of Sweden Breeder medal 2019-2020 Swedish Terrier Club

Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier kennel House of Softy


Reg.number: SE41583/2012
* 2012-06-23
PLN 0/0, RBP4 0/0 DM 0/0 (Locus B/b, see below further explaination)
(För mer resultat se SKK Hunddata)
Höjd/Vikt: 48cm/20kg

House Of Softy Pixel


Res-CAC 3rd best dog DTK Billund
Res-CAC reserve best dog DTK Billund

With regards to the B locus test, where HOS Pixel where free tested B/B in 2012 and confirmed by Laboklin, DE:
Conclusion: In individual cases, very old findings may only contain part of the information on the current status of the B locus, because at the very beginning not all the variants (Bc, Bd, Bs)that are specified today were analyzed. Very old results (before 2012) must therefore be checked against today's standards.


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